What is restdb.io?

by Knut Martin Tornes - July 25 2016

restdb.io is a database-as-a-service, perfect for dynamic web content. 

The core benefits of the service are:

  • Super-fast development with intuitive UI
  • Enables "relational" NoSQL database model with rich data types (HTML, images, files)
  • automatically creates REST APIs and admin user interface
  • Excel/CSV, JSON import and export
  • Hosts websites and can serve any content type (HTML, JSON, XML, RSS, images/files etc)
  • Realtime REST notifications and publish/subscribe API
  • Access control
  • ....

Use cases

restdb.io have users in more than 100 countries. Some common use cases are:

  • dynamic web sites - CMS
  • database-backed web forms
  • business APIs
  • Data collection (from IoT devices, browser plugins, server daemons)
  • Data backend for web and mobile apps
  • Simple CRM
  • Business databases (orders, inventory, equipment)
  • Dashboards
  • Realtime information
  • Feeds


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